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Fathers have the same rights as mothers with respect to their children. You owe it to yourself and your child to settle a paternity matter in a timely manner. You need a lawyer's help and advice in scenarios like these:

  • You have been named as a possible father and you wish to determine if the child really is yours. If you have been served with a Paternity Action, it is imperative that you respond quickly. If you fail to respond to the law suit, you can be held responsible for supporting a child for 18 years, even if you are not the biological father. By responding timely, genetic testing can usually be conducted to make a determination.
  • You are a mother in need of child support from the father.
  • You desire custody or visitation with your child and the other parent will not permit it.
  • A child needs to know who his or her father is. If you are an unmarried mother who hopes the father will disappear or a possible father who has been sued, please talk to an attorney before you ignore the situation. Do the right thing. Settle the question of a child's paternity. Contact Linda K. Howerton for guidance and advice.