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What is expungment?

An expungement is a chance to purge or erase a criminal arrest or conviction. Once expunged certain employers and others as allowed by statute are blocked from seeing the arrest or conviction. However it does not totally erase your record. (Filing does not guarantee an expungement, but your case will be brought before the judge for him to decide whether an expungement should be granted.)

Are my convictions eligible for expungement?

To be eligible for expungement, you must have no criminal convictions for at least three to five years following the end of your probation or parole and meet multiple other statutory eligibility requirements. Contact Linda K. Howerton to discuss your specific circumstances.

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What is involved with the expungement process?

Linda K. Howerton will discuss your case and determine whether you are a candidate for expungement. The proper documents are then filed with the court, and a court date will then be set. The final decision whether to grant the expungement, is then determined by the court.